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I live and work in the North York Moors area

I'm a qualified hedgelayer and have laid hedges in Ireland, Holland and in the UK. I'm also a drystone waller and have built houses (and walls), garden features, gate entrances in Ireland, Australia and in England.

I've been told I'm a bit of walling and hedgelaying nerd. But I don't mind it because it's normal. Doesn't everyone stop and take pictures of these when they are on holiday?

Some of the site contains my work along with pictures of hedges, walls and walling features from places I've visited. It should be pretty obvious which is my work.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hedgelaying training for the York Wildlife Trust

Hobb House Farm Rosedale. February 2018

I was asked to run this two day event by Mary-Jane Alexander the NYMNP's Youth Engagement Officer. 

Given that most of them had little experience of using hand saws, axes, billhooks and the like, I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to achieve such good results and under quite cold, wintery conditions.

Mary-Jane and a trainee
Getting stuck in!

Not bad by any means.  Yorkshire style!

Not perfect cuts, but certainly quite good considering their experience, and age.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Perfect Repair?

I was recently asked whether my stonework is 'perfectly neat'.  The answer is not always,  nor should it be when you are carrying out a repair.  It is important to match the shape and style of the wall.  If the stone work isn't coursed then I'm not too sure you should make it coursed.  Similarly if it is coursed then you should endeavour to match the existing wall. 

You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear - this is how the original wallers built the wall and it stood the test of time.  

From the picture below my repair seen from side on doesn't appear very neat.  However most of the stones were put length in, where appropriate and there were a number of through stones - no new stone was used in this repair and the rather straggly tops matched the existing wall as can be seen from the second photograph.
Above = A repair of a wall in Goathland, N.YKS

But it matches the rest of the wall in style!!

Some repairs

A few random walls I've repaired in and around Whitby & Goathland.  The old and the new are, I hope closely matched in style, although this is helped by the use of the original stone or stone of similiar type and size being used for the repaired gaps.
Above = Next to Whitby Abbey

Hawthorne Hill Farm - Goathland

Bayness - nr Robin Hood's Bay

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Whitby Laithes

I spent most of the summer of 2017 repairing this.  Many of the the through stones had come from the Abbey which you can see in the background.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Ordinary walls in Extra Ordinary places

Malton has many stone building and walls.  We are in sandstone/limestone country.  But this wall, is made from what appears to be slate from Wales or the Lake District.

And these two pictures are in London.  Plenty of stone in London, but these are 500 ft up on the top floors of the Sky Garden (20 Fenchurch St).

A bit of Ireland in England

I've repaired a few styles but this is the first one I've  built from scratch.

The owner was talking to be about walls.  I mentioned that in Ireland many walls were built with the stones placed vertically.  He said......  And so here we have a bit of Ireland in England.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Walls on steep & bouldery ground.

 At the head of Great Fryup in North Yorkshire a wall runs down from Mark Nab.

This is probably the steepest ground I've seen a wall on, in the National Park.  Where it reaches boulders which themselves make good barriers the wall terminates (right) or below, and seen from above the wall runs between the big boulders.

The Wall is quite steep and as you can see the stonework is in perfect condition despite what must have been very difficult ground to work on.